GET Topo Map Set v1.1 now available

The updated topo map CD is ready (finally!) and will now
ship out to those who are waiting for it. (If it hasn’t
arrived within a week’s time, please let me know.)

Sometime soon I’ll update the product page ( ) to include a
separate Add-to-Cart button, so anyone with an existing
(v.1.0) map CD can get a free upgrade.

As mentioned earlier…

This version – updated for all of Arizona – features quite a
few mods and improvements over the original “v1.0” maps,

* A mile-by-mile correlation with the online guidebook
descriptions (chapters 1-18: Arizona)
* Depictions of recent changes/improvements to the route
alignment, as reflected in the guide
* Full map coverage of alternate routes, including the
Aravaipa Canyon bypass (Seg 6-7), Turkey Creek and Buford
Hill detours (Seg 8), each of which travels a fair ways off
the main route (and its map coverage)
* New, 5-digit waypoint naming convention. Waypoints are
listed on the maps by name only (eg, 01050 for segment 1,
5th waypoint in sequence, or 10230 for segment 10, 23rd
waypoint), which is the same convention used in the
guidebook descriptions. Actual waypoints are listed in
separate files on the CD, referenced to name. The files can
be printed and carried in the field, or uploaded to GPS.
(Why leave the actual waypoints off the maps? Mostly to
avoid the clutter and the obscuring of base map info.)
* Inclusion of go-to-map references at map edges. This
feature should make it much easier to figure out which map
the route continues onto, whether heading eastbound or
westbound along the route. Easier, because the route doesn’t
always head precisely east or west (not even close)! Each
map is numbered in series, same as always, but now you’ll be
able to progress with confidence through the map printouts,
easily picking up on the next map where the last one left

The v1.1 Topo Map Set CD is updated for all of Arizona, as
well as the first ~10 miles of New Mexico from the AZ/NM
line to the town of Glenwood. This coverage corresponds to
guidebook chapters 1-18. The remainder of the route in New
Mexico is only minimally updated in this version, and is
otherwise the same as that shown on the v1.0 maps.
Still, it should be field-worthy, and in experienced hands
can be used without guidebook accompaniment. A subsequent
version – v2.0 – will be available upon the completion of
the guidebook, and will be uniformly updated for the entire
route of the GET. (Look for v2.0 hopefully over the summer.)


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