Klondyke maildrop info

Spring 2007 update

Klondyke will continue to serve as a maildrop location this
season. Although the Klondyke Country Store (and Horsehead
Lodge) is closed and remains for sale, proprietor Bonnie
Garwood who lives behind the store will continue to accept
mail, including parcels, shipped to:

(hiker’s name)
c/o Klondyke Store / Garwood
36951 Klondyke Rd.
Willcox (Klondyke) AZ 85643

Ship via US Postal Service only.

Postal mail is delivered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
only. (Tuesday replaces Monday on holiday weekends.)

Ship early enough so it gets there before you, but not so
early that it’s languishing (and wearing out the welcome).
No need to call Bonnie to confirm your plans, although I
suppose it couldn’t hurt to verify package arrival before
committing on foot.

Parcels are stored in a large metal cooler located on the
back porch of the store, with 24/7 access. According to
Bonnie they’ve never had any foul play, although she
emphasized that it’s an honor system only. (I experienced no
difficulties the one time I sent a maildrop to Klondyke.)

Bonnie looks forward to meeting folks as they pass through.
If she isn’t out and about, feel free to check at the house.

Please note that the property remains for sale, and there is
no guarantee of continuing mail service through the store,
although Bonnie anticipates that any future owner would
uphold the current arrangement.

Bonnie also mentioned that the landowner’s gate on Aravaipa
Canyon Road is currently open, but that the landowner
(Norma) is up for parole in March, so all bets are off once
she’s back at the ranch. (!)

Also, it seems that Aravaipa Canyon still holds some of its
riparian canopy toward the east end, as I suspected. The
road to the west trailhead has been repaired in its
entirety. And according to rumor, the canyon itself has
received a bit of work since the flood, and may be more
passable than I’d anticipated.

– blisterfree


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