The Great Western Loop

As I recall, Andy had posted to the forum a few months back about
his plans to hike the Great Western Loop this year. Sure
enough, he’s out there now, and anyone interested in
following his progress can do so via his website:

There’s some interesting content here already, including
podcasts, video clips, interviews, and photos. Some of the
content is supported by Backpacking Light magazine
(, and in particular I recommend
listening to podcast #3 (of 3) regarding his philosophy of
lightweight hiking and also the higher purpose for his 6000+
mile walk.

Andy’s already completed the first big hurdle of the walk –
a traverse of western Arizona and the Colorado desert of
southern California. I was especially interested in this
trailless, mostly cross-country segment of the GWL, as I’d
also envisioned a route through this territory as a means of
connecting the GET all the way to the PCT. Before the hike,
I shared with Andy a few of my abstract ideas for such a
passage, a good deal of which he appears to have implemented
successfully. I look forward to hearing more about his
experiences after he finishes.

And speaking of finishing, the home stretch will find Andy
on the GET, which he’ll use to connect the CDT to the
Arizona Trail, then hike the AZT north to the Grand Canyon,
his point of origin on the loop. I suppose he’ll be passing
through this neck of the woods sometime in mid to late
autumn. Nothing, by then, will phase him, probably. 30+ mile
days on the GET? In his case, I’d be willing to bet on it!


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