Town Guide & Water Chart updates

Well, here we are already, steadily approaching midsummer. How can it be that spring GET hiking season is nearly 3 months gone already … ?  Was it April 13 that I’d left the trail from Winston environs, with mad thoughts of stealing a bicycle and riding to Truth or Consequences – whatever it would take to get out and get home. So it was, indeed. And so here I am now, homebound in the safe suburban paradise of a New England summer and wishing I were anywhere but! It’s green as life itself outside, an indolent breeze floats in through the window, but all I can seem to think about is the coming of autumn. Of good hard work in the desert, and chilly nights among the mountain pines. Fall hiking season can’t be that far away, now, can it?

In the meantime, time a-plenty for some good hard desk work.

I’ve updated the GET Town Guide for 2007. The post office information is largely unchanged – a slight shift in hours here or there, but all addresses and zip codes are as they were. Some of the services info has changed since last year – nothing too drastic. Near Safford, the community of Solomon – a late arrival to the list of trail towns – now receives its fair due. Besides a post office, hikers will find a Mexican restaurant here as well as a small convenience store. The Town Guide also contains updated info on Winston and Chloride. Many thanks to Jim and Ginny Owen for their recent report on Magdalena, Polvadera, and Lemitar. Although I didn’t get to visit these towns this spring, I have since phoned the “hiker spots” here and elsewhere. The info on stove fuel (esp. HEET) availability is as current as it gets, although it’s still not entirely promising and, as always, it could change tomorrow.

The Water Chart is also current, with spring 2007 observations from PHX to Winston. The chart now offers a total of 4 seasons worth of data. Along with my planned fall hike and following report, the ’07 data should eventually offer a snapshot of the entire route.


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