GET in vids

For anyone interested, I’ve recently discovered my digital still camera’s video feature and am hoping to give it some use on my upcoming fall hike. The route is pretty well documented photographically now, but video would seem to be a whole new realm worth exploring. Likely I’ll return with a series of “vignettes” – 30-60 seconds a piece, small and grainy (heck, it’s a 7 oz point and shoot), but hopefully lending some sense of immediacy and realism beyond what’s often possible with still imagery.

In the meantime, here’s a few samples from Sandia Crest environs. (Note to self: man, that’s some grainy video. Next time maybe up the resolution just a wee tad.)

Sandia Crest:

Kiwanis Meadow:

Rock squirrel:

Happy trails,

– blisterfree


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