new vids now online

New installments to the GET Video Galleries are now online.

Click on the “video” thumbnails for galleries 1, 2, and 3 to find the new stuff, recorded this spring while walking from Phoenix to Safford. There’s also a few additional vids in galleries 4 and 5, recorded while I was exploring a few new route options with vehicle support beyond Safford.

It’s frankly hard to imagine, but these video clips, all told, now number a whopping 120. That’s somewhere beyond two hours worth of… I won’t call it entertainment. And just imagine splicing the lot of it into a single feature presentation: Phoenix to Albuquerque in low-resolution pans, jerky first-person action shots, and disembodied, droll narration. A Cannes festival winner this would not likely become!

But hopefully the short, one-to-two minute clips collectively offer a sense of what the route has to offer. It’s true that grainy, low-fidelity video such as this is many shades below a real-world sensory experience, but there’s just something about motion, sight and sound that together do reality greater justice than still images alone. Or so it seems to me.

– blisterfree


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