GET Topo Map Set CD v1.4 now available

GET Topo CD v1.4

GET Topo CD v1.4

Ah, July: another month, another version of the GET topo map set CD… or so sometimes it may seem!

Yes, map set v1.4 – in fact its 5th incarnation since v1.0 debuted in 2006 – is now available. (We don’t revise because we want to, but because we have to. Change is progress in the decidedly not-for-profit trailblazing business.)

Find the new CD here:

Existing map set owners will note a special Add to Cart button intended just for them, which will charge precisely one penny (plus shipping) to the credit card of their choice, in exchange for all the love and promise in the world… or at least as much as the CD would hold. So if you’re thinking of heading out anytime soon – perhaps this fall, what with promising monsoon rains currently about – this virtually-free upgrade could be just the thing.

Don’t own a prior version of the map CD? That’s okay, we hope you’ll agree the purchase price isn’t too outrageous. And then, just like that, you’re in the free upgrade club.

PSA: I’ll be leaving on a little trip in about a week, returning in early August, so CD’s will ship both before and after but not during.

So what’s new this time?

+ The route keeps getting better. A number of noteworthy changes to the individual segment maps reflect these latest changes, especially in AZ. These include the eastbound descent from the Pinaleno Mountains toward the Gila Valley, which now uses Ash Creek Trail and also includes Cluff Ranch wildlife area. This is a vast improvement over the old route through the burn zone of Frye Creek, both in terms of navigability and scenery. (The old route here should now be considered “closed” for GET-related purposes.)

+ Other changes to the route layout reflected on the new maps include portions of the following areas: Superstition Wilderness (Segment 1), Picketpost Mountain to the Gila River (Seg 3), Aravaipa Wash (Seg 6), Santa Teresa Wilderness (Seg 8), Santa Teresa – Pinalenos connector (Seg 9), Pinaleno Mountains (Seg 10), Gila Valley South (Seg 11), Coronado Trail to the Blue River (Segs 15-16), Black Range / CDT (Segs 25-26), Rio Grande to US 60 (Seg 33), and Cedro – Otero area (Seg 37). Collectively, these changes are contributing to a “year 2008 GET” which is undoubtedly the strongest route layout ever, and with any luck, won’t require any major modification for the foreseeable future.

+ Improved / updated GPS waypoint data for some segments, much of it field-recorded, and reflecting both current and recent changes to the route.

+ GPS TRACKS for all segments and alternate routes of the GET – a new feature for version 1.4. Track files can be uploaded to GPS and used in addition to the guidebook and CD map printouts for navigating along the suggested route. Unlike individual spot waypoints, GPS tracks show the whole route line in addition to your location along it, in a sense “putting the hiker on the map.” Tracks are available in GPS eXchange format (gpx) for strong compatibility with most GPS receivers, and may be especially useful when exploring segments of the GET that lack corresponding guidebook chapters as of yet.

+ Updated overview maps of the trail: area maps, maps that show the route and elevation profiles between resupply points, and more. These are the same maps available for viewing on the website, only in high-resolution for printing.

+ New Lightscribe direct-disc labeling makes GET topo map set CD v1.4 a veritable feast for the senses, so visually appealing you may just decide to order an extra copy for display wherever fine artwork is appreciated in your home or office.

Next up…

Online guidebook edits for the existing 18 chapters (all of Arizona), bringing them up to date alongside the new map CD.

Water chart and town guide updates – ditto. All of this should take a couple of weeks at most, so anyone heading out this fall would probably do best to wait before printing any relevant materials.


Now online at the GET website ( ) – updated interactive Google Map as well as downloadable Google Earth file for 3D fun while checking out all the new stuff in GET land.

Now back to enjoying summer!

– Brett


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