GET Topo Map Set CD-ROM v1.7 now available

The latest version of the GET Topo Map CD-ROM is now available.

http://simblissity. net/get-topo- cd.htm

I’ll post more details about what’s new for this version, but for right now just a few points:

Anyone currently in possession of the previous version of the map CD (v.1.6) and related guidebook chapter printouts (pre-January) and who is planning to head out for the trail ASAP, you don’t need the new CD version. Rather than wait for the mail lag, print tedium, etc., recommend just going for it, secure in the knowledge that you’ll be using the exact same resources that fall 2009 had available to them.

Anyone planning to hike this spring and who doesn’t have any version of the map CD in their possession, well, yes, feel free to pick up a copy. 🙂

Anyone planning to hike this spring and who DOES already own an existing version of the map CD, feel free to contact us with your plans and we’ll let you know whether or not picking up the new CD version is worthwhile. Section hikers in particular may not need the latest version, as many sections of the route haven’t changed and/or related changes to map annotations are minimal.

We’d like to prioritize based on needs, so to speak, as we currently have less than a dozen copies of the new CD in inventory. We’ll have more available by the second week of February.

Thanks… more details soon…


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