Trouble Benchmark

P1000161-001thunderhead approaching Trouble Benchmark, Santa Barbara Divide

More details on this season’s foray in the NM Sangres coming later this fall.


2 comments on “Trouble Benchmark

  1. Great photo. Well, I stayed out of “Trouble”…a month ago I blew my knee out spectacularly at the LO, and that spelled the end of my big hike plans for this fall. I’m recovering, did a half day hike up into the Pecos wilderness today, the longest one since my wreck, and the knee feels pretty good. Given the horrid weather here over the last few weeks, it’s probably just as well I’ve put the trip off. Sigh.

    On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 1:45 AM, Hike Invention wrote:

    > ** > blisterfree posted: ” thunderhead approaching Trouble Benchmark, Santa > Barbara Divide”

  2. Really sorry to hear about the knee issue, Barb. At least the crummy weather didn’t tempt you to try too much, too soon. It’s a fickle region for an extended hike, especially this year with its early and prolonged monsoon, coupled with lingering drought and, of course, those stubborn fires for which we each had a front row seat. Hopefully next year will be a bit less anomalous, assuming this isn’t the new normal (big assumption there, I know).

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