Brett Tucker [aka trail name blisterfree] is the owner/operator of Simblissity Ultralight Designs and a long-distance hiker who has logged 18,000 backcountry miles across the US since 1996. His primary focus these days is on self-made routes: he is the lone architect of both the Grand Enchantment Trail and Sky Islands Traverse across the Southwest US. These long routes are conceptual in nature, utilizing existing infrastructure – trails, dirt roads, and cross-country terrain – to provide an adventurous and rewarding experience that is at once off the beaten track and challenging, yet also accessible and compelling. Brett takes great pains to develop the specific layout of his routes in order to maximize the experiences they offer, with an eye toward sharing them with the hiking public. He is convinced that there are many more “virtual routes” worth creating and promoting that will provide unique opportunities for long-distance hikers and travelers to explore and cherish our public lands. This blog seeks to provide a glimpse into this unfolding frontier of hiking invention.

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  1. Hi,
    We have read every word of your postings on various sites about Holdout Canyon and are planning two trips into the area during the month of November. I understand FR 94 was rebuilt a year ago, but washed out again last summer. It appears that you approached via Laurel Canyon Road, which may be the road you described as being on the east side of Aravaipa Road just before FR 94 that is posted “No Trespassing”. You report that the BLM ranger told you public access is allowed, and elsewhere that you had been told that this land was deeded in absentia to the major of Safford, who allows public access. The BLM in Safford was unable to provide any information about this area, and according to the Forest Service, the Laurel Canyon Road is gated and locked. Can you tell me who you spoke with at the BLM — or even which office — or do you know the name of the property owner so that I might try to request permission to approach Holdout Canyon via Laurel Canyon?

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